Roughcasting Experts

Complete with a 10-year guarantee, roughcasting from Ayr Roofing Services is a stunning, necessary addition to the exterior of your home.

The primary benefit of roughcasting is the protection it affords your property. Living in Ayrshire, you’ll be fully aware of the challenges brought by the Scottish weather, with properties suffering damage from the barrage of wind and water on any given day.

Our approach to roughcasting is to make every effort to ensure a successful installation, one where your roughcasting will last for years. Your property will be inspected by our team of professionals, all of whom have years of experience in all aspects of roughcasting and plastering. After our appraisal, we’ll make a recommendation and get to work.

Stylish Finish

As rough as the mixture of sand, gravel, cement and other ingredients is, the end result is a stylish, elegant finish that accentuates the exterior design of your property.

By covering over any cracks or damage to the previous plastering, your property will look better than it ever has done. In the medium to long-term, you’ll find that the value of your property may increase as a direct result of the application of roughcasting.

As far as decorative finishes go, you’ll be hard pressed to improve upon roughcasting, especially when it’s been installed by the experts at Ayr Roofing Services.

Our range of similar services includes;

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  • Replacement Window Sills

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